Welcome to the PNCIMA initiative.

The Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) initiative’s aim is to ensure a healthy, safe, and prosperous ocean area by engaging all interested parties in the collaborative development and implementation of an integrated management plan for PNCIMA.

Latest PNCIMA News

PhotoIn early 2017, on behalf of all partners, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations, and the Province of B.C. signed off on the PNCIMA Plan. Partners will continue to work closely to implement key aspects of the PNCIMA Plan. The collaborative relationships that supported the development of the Plan will continue to be necessary through plan implementation to help ensure that healthy and functioning ecosystems and coastal communities are maintained in this significant and unique marine area of Canada.
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Where is PNCIMA?

PNCIMA stretches from Canada’s northern border with Alaska south to Bute Inlet on the mainland, across to Campbell River on the east side of Vancouver Island and the Brooks Peninsula on the west side of Vancouver Island. Its western boundary is the base of the shelf slope.

PNCIMA boundaries were determined based on oceanographic processes, watershed boundaries that influence the marine area, and the northern political boundary with the USA.