Current Marine Activities

First Nations marine resource use: Harvest of marine resources by First Nations

Sport fisheries: Recreational angling, collecting of shellfish, harvesting of finfish and invertebrates by residents and visitors for personal use

Commercial fisheries: Harvest of wild finfish and invertebrates for commercial purposes

Aquaculture: Culture of finfish, shellfish or plants in the aquatic environment or manufactured container

Seafood processing: Transformation of wild and cultured seafood into food products for sales to domestic and international markets

Ocean recreation/tourism: Cruise ship tourism, recreational boating, paddle sports, including kayaking, whale watching and diving by residents and visitors

Marine transportation: All vessels greater than 20m, beginning/ending voyage in PNCIMA or in transit; small vessel movement undocumented

Marine energy and mining: Existing and potential energy and mineral resources

Tenure on aquatic lands: Granting of tenure on land below the high water line; tenure is often ancillary to primary activity, such as aquaculture, log storage and moorage

Ocean disposal: Deliberate disposal of approved substances at approved marine sites

National defence and public safety: Activities countering threats to security and sovereignty, and resources used to address public safety

Research, monitoring and enforcement: Efforts to learn more about marine functions for better management, supported by monitoring and enforcement; compliance with policy and regulations

  Photo: Steve Diggon  

Photo: Tom Hlavac   Photo: Neil McDaniel