Valued Ecosystem and Socio-Economic Components

Valued ecosystem components and valued socio-economic components describe “attributes or components of the natural and human environments for which there is public or professional concern” (Beanlands and Duinker 1983). In short, they are elements of social-ecological systems that humans view as significant or valuable.

Valued Ecosystem Components

Valued ecosystem components are elements of the natural environment that humans view as significant or valuable. DFO’s process for identifying ecologically valued ecosystem components is outlined in in the figure below. Further description of the process can be found at

DFO’s criteria for selecting valued ecosystem components are based on best practices and advice in the literature from other similar processes that use risk-based assessment frameworks.

DFO has developed a draft list of ecologically valued ecosystem components for PNCIMA. It currently is limited to the species category, and requires further review. The identification of habitat and community property valued ecosystem components will follow when additional information becomes available. The finalized list will be available at

Valued Socio-economic Components

Valued socio-economic components are elements of social-ecological systems that humans view as significant or valuable. They help frame and guide integrated management and planning by providing managers with a means of incorporating societal values in an efficient and organized manner.

The model for organizing and identifying valued socio-economic components includes four realms that comprise the socio-economic system: social/cultural, institutional, economic and physical/technical is shown in the figure below. Each realm is comprised of elements based on broad functions. Each element is comprised of valued socio-economic components. The specific function of each component was identified based on a literature review and on the component’s interconnecting role in the socio-economic system model. Each valued component is further comprised of features or characteristics (Day and Prins 2012).

DFO has developed a preliminary list of valued socio-economic components for PNCIMA. It is intended to describe the socio-economic elements of the PNCIMA region that are particularly important to consider in various management decision-making contexts, but it is not meant to capture everything of value in PNCIMA. The list requires further review and discussion and will be available at when it has been finalized.