PNCIMA Timeline

The PNCIMA planning process, outlined in the figure below, was formally launched at the PNCIMA Forum in March 2009. Thereafter, the process was comprised of many stages, over many years. Once the collaborative planning process was developed and existing information was assembled and assessed, parties began working on developing an EBM framework for PNCIMA.

The framework was jointly developed over the course of 2010, 2011 and 2012 by collaborative governance partners and the IOAC. First, the parties developed a definition of EBM for PNCIMA.

Second, assumptions, principles, goals and objectives for the area were formulated. Then strategies that support the overall goals and objectives for PNCIMA were identified. It is important to note the scale and complexities associated with implementing all aspects of each strategy. In order to address this, a number of priorities were identified for early implementation.