Workplanning for PNCIMA Implementation

The plan’s implementation will be achieved through the collaborative development of work plans that clarify the accountability of parties to the initiative and indicate specific actions and timelines for completion. Federal and provincial agencies, First Nations and stakeholders will play essential roles in ensuring that plan implementation is focused and relevant.

The general approach for work planning for PNCIMA implementation is anticipated to include:
  • establishment of work planning teams
  • identification of performance measures and baseline information
  • development of individual work plans for specific priorities
  • implementation of work plans
  • updates on progress made
  • measurements of performance
Work planning will reflect individual and collective priorities and will recognize work that is ongoing at different scales, such as MaPP and First Nations marine planning initiatives. It will respect the jurisdictional authorities of each party, and will engage with stakeholders who have a particular interest in the strategy or management measure at issue.