Must-Have Pressure Washer Guns in 2022

Many people say that a pressure washer is useless without a good pressure washing gun. Well, that’s quite true. For many years that we’ve been using pressure washing machines for home and industrial cleaning, it is really the washing guns that make all the difference.Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviewed | 3 Power Washers For 2022

Types of Pressure Washer Guns

Some ways to differentiate pressure washer guns are through the following specifications:

  1. PSI and GPM Rating: If you’re looking for a pressure washing gun mostly for home use, pick one that has a lower PSI and GPM rating. Higher PSI and GPM ratings can withstand higher pressure for extended hours of use, which make them ideal for industrial or professional purposes. 
  2. Water temperature: Hot water can remove deep-seated dirt and stains. Many pressure water guns support hot water settings. They are thicker, more durable, and heat-resistant. The downside is that they are more expensive than the cold-water model.
  3. Gun kit: Check the extensions and connectors that come with the package to determine the type of tasks that the device can accomplish. Nozzles are also essential to achieve the right angle and pressure needed for the job.

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Best Footwear for Pressure Washing

It’s uncommon to hear horror stories related to the use of pressure washers. But it doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. They do, and when you’re the one who experienced it, that’s the time that you realize the importance of wearing protective gear like boots.

There are many ways to keep yourself safe while blasting pressurized water. One way is by using the right nozzle to help the machine regulate the pressure needed to blast off debris and grime.

Waterproof footwear also does a lot for your safety. It keeps your feet dry, which is essential if you have blisters or wounds to prevent infection. Boots with an anti-slip sole stick to the floor to help you stay in balance even when using soaps or detergent. They also protect your feet from flying debris like rocks.

Let’s discuss some of the best footwear to use when pressure washing:

Original Muck Boot

These boots are fantastic for outdoor cleaning. They are comfortable, look great, fit perfectly, and are 100% waterproof. By using high-grade rubber materials, they can flex, bend, and straighten up to match the movement of your feet.

The upper body of the boots is made from a breathable material called “XpressCool” for maximum comfort. It also allows your feet to breathe and avoid foul odor after each use. Instead of steel, it has reinforced rubber to add protection to your toes.

Overall, Original Muck is an excellent choice for outdoor cleaning since it tends to get non-slippery when used against a tile surface.

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Is it Safe to Pressure Wash your Roof?

It’s very essential to keep your roof in its top condition. And you can do that if you’re regularly inspecting the condition of your roof and cleaning it when needed. With proper maintenance, your roof will remain durable and will last for a very long time.

One of the most practical methods of cleaning your roof is to pressure wash it. But before we talk about the benefits of pressure washing a roof, let’s answer one question first – is it safe to pressure wash your roof?

Generally, any roof can be cleaned with a pressure washer. You just have to select the most proper setting that will ascertain a clean roof. However, on your part, this could be a highly dangerous task. That’s why some homeowners choose to hire an expert to do this tedious job.

But if you’re the one who’s going to pressure wash your roof, you’ll have to follow these safety precautions:

  • Make sure to climb on a very durable ladder that can effectively hold your weight. Some roof types can be more slippery when wet, so make sure to use boots with non-skid undersurface. Use a harness for added protection and peace of mind.
  • To prevent your eyes from getting in contact with dust, dirt, or chemicals, it’s advisable to wear protective glasses or goggles.

 Wear very thick and heavy-duty gloves so you can prevent your hands from getting in contact with dirt and chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Roof?

  • It lengthens the longevity of the roof. Detritus, molds, algae, and dirt buildup can damage your roof. Fortunately, they can be eradicated by pressure washing your roof.
  • It will help in improving the exterior appearance of your house. The accumulation of dangerous surface elements like molds, algae, and dirt can downgrade the value and appearance of your exterior design. Pressure washing your roof can make your house remain in its top condition.
  • It helps in preventing infestations. The infestation of harmful elements and germs can make your house unsafe to live in. Mold and algae infestations are some of the things that might harm your family and your pets. Luckily, pressure washers can help get rid of them.

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A Pressure Washer can Rigorously Clean Windows

We all want ultra-clear, dirt-free, and streak-free windows, right? But at some point, most of the household members, including ourselves, are likely to get so busy doing our work, school activities, and other tasks, while some of us are just too lazy to maintain the cleanliness of our windows. Even so, leaving the windows unclean will surely cause worse results.

Leaving them unclean and dusty could make things harder for you and your household members. As time goes by, windows will start to accumulate dirt, grime, molds, and stains, until they get thicker and more difficult to eradicate. That’s why proper and regular maintenance of your windows is a must.

However, if you entered the situation where thickened grime, dirt, and molds started to build upon your windows, you might begin to think of some of the most proper and effective ways on how to get rid of them. Well, obviously, you can’t just wipe them with a wet rug with some cleaning solution, that’s why you might come up with a much tougher cleaning hardware – pressure washers.

Pressure Washers Can Efficiently Clean Windows if Used the Right Way

Cleaning your windows with the assistance of a pressure washer can generate fast and desirable results. By using this powerful tool, you can just easily direct the wand onto the windows that are attached to the second floor of your house. However, if you’re not going to be careful, dangers might arise. If you won’t arrange the setting properly, too much-pressurized water could crack or misalign your windows.

As you read on, you’ll get some useful tips and reminders on how you can safely clean your windows with a pressure washer.

Step #1: Ascertain that your windows, especially the glass panes, are in good condition

Before planning on using a pressure washer, you should thoroughly check out first the condition of your windows. Ascertain that there are no cracks, otherwise, the pressurized water might worsen the cracks and break your windows. Just in case you observed that there are parts of the glass panes that you think are highly brittle, do not point the pressure washer onto those areas. You can just manually clean them with a rag and cleaning solution.

Pressure-washing the areas that aren’t in good condition will make things worse. If you think your windows require to be repaired first, then you can temporarily skip your cleaning task. On the other hand, if you think your windows are in good condition and only need cleaning, then you are safe to proceed to clean them with a pressure washer.

Moreover, there are different types of windows. Some of them are able to withstand pressurized water, but some aren’t. So it’s very crucial to take a closer look at your windows so you’ll be certain that you won’t break them.

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Factors in Choosing Between SPX3000 and SPX3500 Pressure Washer

Benjamin Franklin thought that death and taxes are the only permanent things in life. We’re afraid the great statesman forgot about one thing: cleaning. 

Whatever we do and whatever the size of our house is, cleaning has always been a part of it all. There are brooms, vacuum cleaners, and mops for the interior, while soap and scrubbing tools take care of what’s outside. Fortunately, manufacturing companies have developed better tools for cleaning over the years. One such tool is the pressure washer.

There are several options in the market for pressure washers. For this article, we aim to make an in-depth review of two of the most popular models produced by the New Jersey-based company Sun Joe. That’s the Sun Joe SPX3000 and Sun Joe SPX3500.

Let’s look at each model thoroughly, and at the end, let us see which one is superior and is a better fit for your needs.

Sun Joe SPX3000: A Delightful Mix of Portability and Value

Look around Amazon and other similar websites, and the SPX3000 is easily one of the best-selling pressure washers there is. It’s not difficult to see why. 

Here are some of the Sun Joe SPX3000’s selling points:

  • In a test of portability, the Sun Joe SPX3000 is up there in the list. Portability is a vital feature in a pressure washer, especially if you’re using it for various purposes. This determines if it can easily be loaded in a vehicle or carried around the property. It is ultra-light compared to other pressure washers and the SPX3500, weighing at a mere 28.2 pounds. Additionally, it has a set of 7.5-inch wheels to make it easier to roll around wherever you need it.
  • No matter how powerful a pressure washer is, if it’s out of reach in terms of price, then it won’t sell. For the Sun Joe SPX3000, it’s not equipped with the most powerful motor, but at $150, it’s an affordable option for people who need it in lighter cleaning projects around the house.
  • Another positive for the SPX3000 is it’s electric-powered, which means it doesn’t need gas or battery to function. It comes with a lot of accessories, including a 20-foot pressure hose, a spray wand, a garden hose adapter, five types of spray tips, and a 35-foot electric cord equipped with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) for an added safety blanket. However, in using the electric cord’s safety feature, you need to plug it in a GFCI outlet.
  • Most pressure washers come with four nozzles, but the SPX3000 comes with five. These are the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree nozzles and one soap nozzle. It also comes with two soap tanks (0.9 liters each) for different cleaning needs, perhaps loading one with a detergent solution and another with a rinsing agent. Talking about convenience! However, since it doesn’t have a soap dilution system, the user has to do the mixing beforehand.
  • Its pump can generate 2,030 PSI while providing up to 1.76 gallons per minute of water flow. That’s much more than your typical garden hose provides.
  • The unit is equipped with a total stop system (TTS) that disengages the washer as soon as you stop pushing the trigger. It is also virtually impossible to start accidentally with its trigger lock mechanism.
  • It has a higher cleaning unit (CU) capacity than the SPX3500, which means it cleans more efficiently. Cleaning Unit can be calculated by multiplying the PSI and GPM.

Eventually, with its price point, you’d expect mediocrity to become a factor with the Sun Joe SPX3000. Here are some of its not-so-good features:

  • Its setup is only for light to medium cleaning, while its cleaning power is nothing to write home about.
  • If you stand beside the SPX3000, you’d hear over 80 decibels of noise. It’s not going to startle anyone, but it’s not the quietest either, which is surprising because it only has an average-powered motor.
  • You better find a way to store the hose because the unit can only hold the wand. The electric cord is almost too long for the unit, so it tends to hang awkwardly, which is not aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

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