Best Footwear for Pressure Washing

It’s uncommon to hear horror stories related to the use of pressure washers. But it doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. They do, and when you’re the one who experienced it, that’s the time that you realize the importance of wearing protective gear like boots.

There are many ways to keep yourself safe while blasting pressurized water. One way is by using the right nozzle to help the machine regulate the pressure needed to blast off debris and grime.

Waterproof footwear also does a lot for your safety. It keeps your feet dry, which is essential if you have blisters or wounds to prevent infection. Boots with an anti-slip sole stick to the floor to help you stay in balance even when using soaps or detergent. They also protect your feet from flying debris like rocks.

Let’s discuss some of the best footwear to use when pressure washing:

Original Muck Boot

These boots are fantastic for outdoor cleaning. They are comfortable, look great, fit perfectly, and are 100% waterproof. By using high-grade rubber materials, they can flex, bend, and straighten up to match the movement of your feet.

The upper body of the boots is made from a breathable material called “XpressCool” for maximum comfort. It also allows your feet to breathe and avoid foul odor after each use. Instead of steel, it has reinforced rubber to add protection to your toes.

Overall, Original Muck is an excellent choice for outdoor cleaning since it tends to get non-slippery when used against a tile surface.

Rugged Shark Deck Boot

Rugged Shark is designed to offer you a slip-resistant boot that grips your feet well without squeezing them.

It also has a non-marking sole to ensure that it will not leave any scuff wherever you go. Another feature that sets it apart is an interior footbed that you can remove to take out the water, making your feet feel light all the time.

This model comes in black and white color. Unlike other boots, Rugged Shark doesn’t go up high on your legs. There is a big chance that your pants will get wet. This is a minor issue that you can just shrug off once you get used to it.

Original Muck Boot with Steel-Toe

This has almost the same material and design as the first Muck Boot mentioned above, except this model has a steel toe for added protection.

It stands 16-inches high to protect most parts of your feet. Breathable Air Mesh lining makes sure that fresh air travels freely and out of the boots.

Muck Boot is essential if you will be pressure washing a lot, say you have a professional cleaning service company. It feels very comfortable, and you avoid getting blisters even if you use it for a long time. The steel toe protects your feet, especially if you’re using powerful blasts.

Dunlop Chesapeake with Steel-Toe

The good thing about this product is that it’s super lightweight to prevent muscle fatigue and blisters, which is ideal for extended use. It is designed to absorb energy which helps ease tension from your feet. Compared to other PVC boots, Dunlop is 25% lighter.

Another key feature of these boots is its BAY-LOC outsole which channels water away from your feet. It also provides superior traction and shock absorption. With ASTM F2413-11 certified steel toe, your feet are protected from moisture and other elements like heat and electricity.

Servus Comfort 14″ PVC Steel Toe

Measuring 14” in height, Servus Comfort also protects most parts of your lower feet against water and other harmful elements. These boots are made from PVC polyblend injection-molded material for seamless and flexible movement. PVC is resistant to different chemicals you use for pressure washing.

Servus has a unique CT(Comfort Technology) design on its topline that looks like a scallop. This design allows easy flexing and reinforces the critical stress points to lessen muscle stress. The lightweight insole helps in creating an arch to act as heel support to keep you in balance.