Essential Safety Tips To Remember When Using Your Power Washer

Pressure washers are very powerful cleaning tools. Hence, these machines can deep clean your property swiftly and efficiently. Nonetheless, their extreme pressure can cause serious injuries and even death.

Every year, hundreds of people get hurt while pressure washing. Hence, you should take power washer safety seriously. Fortunately, injuries related to pressure washers are 100% preventable.

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By simply following the list of precautions we have here, you and everyone around you will be safe during your cleaning sessions. 


Learn More About Your Machine

Not all pressure washers are the same. Every model varies. That’s why you must read the user’s manual of your unit to learn how to properly operate it, as well as its accessories. 

Likewise, you have to know the right way to turn it off if you’re in a hurry. If you have an electric pressure washer, check if it’ll work well with an extension cable. Lastly, learn the right troubleshooting steps if in case you encounter a problem with your unit.

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Here are some safety tips to remember before using your pressure washer:

  • Before each use, check the oil level of the engine.
  • Do not overfill the engine with oil. Doing so can damage the components of your equipment, such as the spark plug. Also, the oil may overflow into the air filter, which can destroy your washer.
  • Turn your water supply first before your machine to avoid damaging its pump. 
  • If you need to refuel, wait for the engine to cool down first. Never refuel when the engine is running hot.
  • One of the most vital parts of your washer is the high-pressure hose. Do not try to repair it yourself if it’s damaged. It’s highly advisable to buy a new one instead.
  • Do not change your spraying tip or pattern while you’re spraying or you’ll injure anyone around you and the washer.
  • Ensure that your position and balance is stable while pressure washing.


Wear Safety Gear

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Pressure washers let out highly pressurized water. If you aim it accidentally aim it at your foot, it can easily lacerate your toes. For this reason, always wear a non-slip pair of closed-toe shoes. Or better yet, wear work boots.

Moreover, you must protect your eyes and body from flying dirt and debris by wearing safety goggles and full-length pants. Wearing work gloves is also recommended. Aside from protecting your hands, these will also provide you with a better grip on your equipment’s handle.

Additionally, if you have a gas-powered unit, you may want to consider wearing ear protection. These machines are quite loud in comparison to their electric counterpart.

Look Around You And Clear The Area

Before you start with your cleaning task, survey the area around you. Then, clear it of any likely tripping hazards and obstructions. Moreover, move all fragile objects out of your way. 

You may want to create a safety perimeter around the area where you’ll pressure wash. Make sure that no one, including your pets will be able to enter that zone. 

Also, consider having someone to keep a watchful eye while you’re doing your chore. He or she can warn you if anyone approaching so that you’ll enough time to turn off your pressure washer. 

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Another thing to keep in mind is that water and power outlets is a combo to avoid as this can result in electrical shock. So always see to it that you’ve covered all electrical outlets nearby.

Taking precautionary steps can help lessen the possibility of accidents happening, including falls and slips.


Never Aim Your Wand At Anyone

Never play around with your pressure washer or aim it at anyone or your pet. It is not a toy and you should not treat it like a squirt gun. So even if it’s not running, always point the wand downward. Again, the highly pressurized stream of water can quickly injure a person severely. 

Also, before aiming your wand at the surface you’re about to clean, make sure you’re comfortable with the pressure’s strength. Keep in mind that the red zero-degree nozzle is powerful enough to carve through concrete. So imagine what it can do to your body. 


Always Use The Safety Latch

You should always engage the safety latch of your washer when you’re not using it. This feature can help prevent engaging your unit unintentionally. It should also be engaged before putting down the unit’s gun. 

Likewise, never leave your machine unattended to answer a call or do something else. If you need to step away for a bit, turn it off first.

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Only Operate Your Gas Power Washer Outdoors

A gas-powered washer emits carbon monoxide, and inhaling this is very dangerous to your health. When you suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, you’ll feel headaches, dizziness, and nausea. 

You can avoid this by working in a well-ventilated and open area. If you truly need to wash in a confined space, use an electric pressure washer instead.


Protect Your Cleaning Device

Once you’re finished pressure washing, store your equipment in a dry, clean, and well-ventilated place. Additionally, it should not be near to any sparks, especially if it’s a gas model. 

You also need to winterize your gas pressure washer when storing during the winter season. If you’ll store it inside the house or the basement, get rid of all the leftover gasoline from its engine. 

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Furthermore, do not forget to depressurize your machine. There could still be some pressure left inside it even after you’ve turned it off long enough. 

If you’ll release it without depressurizing, the splash of water that will come out of it may still injure you seriously. So before storing your pressure washer, turn the pressure off and squeeze its trigger.