Is it Safe to Pressure Wash your Roof?

It’s very essential to keep your roof in its top condition. And you can do that if you’re regularly inspecting the condition of your roof and cleaning it when needed. With proper maintenance, your roof will remain durable and will last for a very long time.

One of the most practical methods of cleaning your roof is to pressure wash it. But before we talk about the benefits of pressure washing a roof, let’s answer one question first – is it safe to pressure wash your roof?

Generally, any roof can be cleaned with a pressure washer. You just have to select the most proper setting that will ascertain a clean roof. However, on your part, this could be a highly dangerous task. That’s why some homeowners choose to hire an expert to do this tedious job.

But if you’re the one who’s going to pressure wash your roof, you’ll have to follow these safety precautions:

  • Make sure to climb on a very durable ladder that can effectively hold your weight. Some roof types can be more slippery when wet, so make sure to use boots with non-skid undersurface. Use a harness for added protection and peace of mind.
  • To prevent your eyes from getting in contact with dust, dirt, or chemicals, it’s advisable to wear protective glasses or goggles.

 Wear very thick and heavy-duty gloves so you can prevent your hands from getting in contact with dirt and chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Roof?

  • It lengthens the longevity of the roof. Detritus, molds, algae, and dirt buildup can damage your roof. Fortunately, they can be eradicated by pressure washing your roof.
  • It will help in improving the exterior appearance of your house. The accumulation of dangerous surface elements like molds, algae, and dirt can downgrade the value and appearance of your exterior design. Pressure washing your roof can make your house remain in its top condition.
  • It helps in preventing infestations. The infestation of harmful elements and germs can make your house unsafe to live in. Mold and algae infestations are some of the things that might harm your family and your pets. Luckily, pressure washers can help get rid of them.

Steps in Pressure Washing Your Roof

  • After climbing to your roof with your ladder, make sure to walk to the other corner of your roof and start working your back towards the ladder. This will help you prevent stepping on wet and slippery roof shingles.
  • Thoroughly scrutinize your entire roof and check if there are particular areas that require extra powerful cleaning. Look for spots and shingles that are in need of repair or reinforcement. This step is what you’ll have to do first before pressure washing your roof.
  • Apply detergent on your roof in order to soften and loosen the molds or algae found on your roof. Let the detergent foam or bubbles sit on your roof for a few minutes. Make sure to use a generous amount of detergent.
  • Start operating your pressure washer and ensure that it’s on a low setting first. After setting it, direct it onto your roof, and then start adjusting the settings. You can either increase or decrease the pressure. It will depend on the power you want and the condition of your roof.
  • Direct the spray wand onto the areas that contain the thickest dirt, mold, or algae. These elements must be easily eliminated as the detergent has already softened them at this point. Make sure to thoroughly pressure wash the entire roof using the safest and most precise pressure setting.

Tips and Reminders when Cleaning your Roof with a Pressure Washer

  1. Never pressure wash your roof from the ground. Always remember that spraying down is much more efficient than spraying the water up. Spraying up will make the water trapped into the roof shingles and it might cause mold growth.
  2. Pressure washing your roof should only be done once or twice a year or only if it’s necessary. It’s not advisable to do this cleaning task every week or every month. 
  3. If you are not confident about pressure washing your roof by yourself, seek assistance from an expert.
  4. It’s not always a bright idea to set your pressure washer to a very high PSI setting. This might be advantageous in terms of eradicating dirt and mold, but this could also damage the quality of your roof. Always find the most suitable setting that will be enough to only remove the unwanted elements.